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New details of the Toyota Supra successor


Some more info has emerged on the Toyota-BMW partnership for their new sports car collaboration. Above shows an artists impression of the new vehicle which is likely to be the new Toyota Supra successor. I can’t say I’m a huge fan compared to the FT-1 concept, but it’s still a nice looking car. Time will tell how the design of the car turns out.

Even if the car is called a supra is yet to be determined, although BMW have confirmed this will be their new Z4 platform,

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Carbonetic Clutch Manuals and Guides

Carbonetic Clutch Manuals and Guides, had to track down some of these directly from the manufacture.

1JZ&2JZ-GTE – 1JZ/2JZ Install guide

Order of Clutch Assembly – Order of clutch plates/assembly

CClutch_Universal – Universal Installation

CClutch_Overhaul – Clutch Overhaul/Repair

Carbon Clutch All_Twin.Triple – Clutch Operation