2JZGTE VVTi Coil and Igniter Diagram

After seeing an incorrect 2jzgte vvti coil and wiring diagram online I quickly put a simple one together that will come in handy! This is useful for working on the coils and igniter, please refer to more in-depth wiring diagrams when tracing wiring or working on more in depth wiring problems such as the VVTi wiring diargams you can find HERE.

Yes the coils are numbered 1,3,2!!!

I have confirmed this with IS300 workshop manual, Japanese wiring diagrams and also my own car.


2JZGTE VVTi Ignition Issues

***UPDATE – Never put the word resolved with car issues until you are 100% sure! I never really resolved the issue, the 2jzgte vvti igniter seems to have limitations, I ended up going to a LS2 LQ9 Coil setup, info on the kit and installation can be found HERE

Everything posted below is what I did to minimise the issue but I did start having ignition issues again, I’ve amended the post below with all the updated information. I’m going to change from the stock 2JZGTE VVTi coils, leads and DH61 igniter to the LS2 LQ9 coils and report back my findings. I think there is fundamentally an issue with pushing higher boost and power with the stock DH61 igniter***

Have ignition issues? Never under-estimate the importance of the correct spark plug heat range!

For a while now I have had varying levels of spark blow out or ignition break down at anything over 23psi which I though were just bad coil packs, here are some of the things that were occurring, what I replaced and what I did to resolve it;


Cooma 1000m Sprint Results

Back in late October 2012 myself and some friends took our supras and other cars down to a 1000m sprint event organised at an airport in a regional town named Cooma which is in NSW Australia. I had gone to a similar event the year before and had great fun but also the car was just tuned and I was sorting out bugs, this year I still had ignition issues but car did run better top speed.

I managed a best run of 24.1 seconds @ 240kph and 27th out of 95 overall, bet the lambo so that’s all that matters! Another supra guy ended up with a 21.6 second and 281kph with a 3.4lt beast, which was the top speed of the day. 35′ GTR took out the top stop with a run of 20 seconds flat at 261.8kph due to pesky AWD!

Start line was really bad loose surface, bad 30kph head wind and also runway was slight uphill. Hopefully next year I can improve with all the bugs in the car sorted and the start line getting re-surfaced.

Some video and pictures below.

Run 1


2JZGTE VVTi OBD Scanning and Information

While I had a stock engine and ECU I really strugged to find much information or tools to scan the 2JZGTE VVTi engine in my supra, standard OBDII tools did not seem to work. Some guys had tried and failed or got mixed results. I did find a guy in the UK that found out how, but it seemed one of his friends was a Toyota Mechanic and had access to an expensive scanner tool which wasn’t an option for me.

I’ve hopefully now found some basic information for the Toyota Supra 2JZGTE VVTi ECU;

-Is not OBDII compliant, it uses an JOBD compliant protocol as it’s a Japanese ECU –
-Uses a OBDII connector but requires a scan tool with correct software to read the correct protocol which is ISO 14230

It now seems like there is a cheap solution for reading the protocol; Thanks to Muzzytt on supraforums.com.au and Konrad on mkivsupra.net for sharing this information around on the forums.