2JZGTE VVTi Coil and Igniter Diagram

After seeing an incorrect 2jzgte vvti coil and wiring diagram online I quickly put a simple one together that will come in handy! This is useful for working on the coils and igniter, please refer to more in-depth wiring diagrams when tracing wiring or working on more in depth wiring problems such as the VVTi wiring diargams you can find HERE.

Yes the coils are numbered 1,3,2!!!

I have confirmed this with IS300 workshop manual, Japanese wiring diagrams and also my own car.


5 thoughts on “2JZGTE VVTi Coil and Igniter Diagram

  1. So based on what your saying, coil 1&2 are listed in the opposite sides. Cause in the manual coil 1 sits on top of cylinder 6?

  2. May be you already know but Osaka are bringing out coils for the Supra very soon, may be worth a try as well.

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