Toyota Supra VVTi Single Turbo Dyno Runs

1st Dyno runs of my 1998 Toyota Supra RZ VVTi Single Turbo – GCG T51R 76mm turbo, HKS manifold, HKS 60mm Wastegate, 4″ dump, 3.5″ mid pipe and 4″ HKS Titanium Exhaust, Hypertune Intake Manifold and 90mm throttle body, ID2000 injectors, 3x Denso supra fuel pumps in aftermarket hanger, 2x -8 feed, single -8 return and aeromotive A1000 fuel reg, Vipec V88 ECU. Stock igntion and Stock Engine – Igntion break up issues due to coils – going to be fixed.