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    1. Unless you are running an aftermarket computer and have an aftermarket or non-vvti IACV. The stock ECU for the VVTi would expect all the inputs from the ETCSi system such as TPS, APPS, without these the car would most likely run in limp mode. Plus the VVTi throttle body has the IACV built into it, the non-vvti is mounted into the intake manifold and wired back to the ECU.

      More info on the ETCSi system can be found here if your interested – http://www.2jzgarage.com/2013/07/etcs-i-dbw-system-troubleshooting/

  1. hi, i have a 2011 subaru imprezza wrx that i want to exchange its engine with a 2jz, but will it fit and regarding the transmission, will it be a problem?

    thanks and best regards

    1. Hi,

      I’m not sure as I’m not familiar with the conversion or the dimensions of the WRX engine bay. The 6 cyl 2JZGTE would be longer, meaning the standard WRX transmission wouldn’t fit, the radiator and potentially the radiator supports would need to be moved, plus all the complications of finding the correct transmission combo, AWD complications and other wiring issues. I doubt it would be very cost effective as the EJ engines can still pump out some good numbers and are still very fast. Anything is possible but if your serious about the conversion I’d speak to a professional workshop or vehicle/motorsport engineer.

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