Supra 2JZGTE VVTI ECU Pinouts (97.8-02)

Supra 2JZGTE VVTI ECU Pinouts (97.8-02) in both XLS and PDF format

XLS – Supra_2JZGTE_VVTi_ECU_Pinouts

PDF – Supra_2JZGTE_VVTi_ECU_Pinouts

Disclaimer – I don’t take any responsibility for these diagrams, these are referenced off 2 different diagrams I have of the 2JZGTE vvti and some are in Japanese, it is possible that some could be incorrect wire colours or descriptions due to translation errors. If you are unsure please trace wires or deal with an auto electrical professional.


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  1. Hi Mate. I recently had a conversion done from series 1 SZ to series 2 (vvti) and have had some ongoing issues. The biggest issue at the moment appears to be related to the PPS (progressive power steering) My car is a manual (w58) and a supra vvti engine went in (not aristo) however it was an auto ecu….. is there something they have not wired up properly? I’m hearing stories about the auto ecu having to send a speed reading to the pps solenoid or ecu? Your expertise would be greatly appreciated… as is.. the steering is heavy at standstill but gets lighter and lighter the faster you go….

    1. Hey mate,

      The first thing to check will be to make sure that you ae getting a speed sensor reading with the W58 and auto ecu, you would first need to bypass the neutral start switch and also wire up the 3 wire w58 speed sensor wiring to suit the VVTi ecu.

      There is some further information of someone doing the same conversion here with lots more information that may be helpful.

      The PPS will require the following wiring on the vvti;
      (Full link HERE to body loom wiring)


      Pin – 4
      Wire Colour – White-Green
      Function – SOL + Power Steering
      Destination – Power Steering Solenoid Pin 1

      Pin – 14
      Wire Colour – White-Blue
      Function – SOL + Power Steering
      Destination – Power Steering Solenoid Pin 2


      Pin – 4
      Wire Colour – White-Green
      Function – SOL + Power
      Destination – Steering Power Steering ECU Pin 1

      Pin – 14
      Wire Colour – White-Blue
      Function – SOL – Power Steering
      Destination – Power steering ECU Pin 2

      The early model diagram can be found here, I’m assuming the process and input/outputs work the same, but the pins on that diagrams will be incorrect;

      I personally ran the early model power steering to reduce complexity in the system.

  2. Hi 2JZGARAGE,
    I just bought an Apexi RSM Rev Speed for my Aristo JZS161 (2JZ-GTE VVTi auto), but unable to make sense on the wiring connection between the RSM RPM to the ECU pin out. According to the Apexi RSM manual suggested connection. the RSM RPM goes to the ECU IGF (Plug B1/Pin 25/Igniter Verification Signal)! Is RPM same as IGF? My understand on IGF is that it is used to detect if ignition has taken place successfully.

    Your expertise advice is greatly appreciated. Hope you can shed some light.


    1. 2JZGTE VVTi supra and aristo ECU are the same plugs and share a lot of the main functions. I know there are a few differences between pins such as ABS, TRAC, speed signals and fans plus and Aristo only coming in auto.

      I will look at getting JZS161 pinouts up on here.

  3. Dusty,
    Pin N27 on B77 is:
    RSPD ——- White-Red ——- SHIFT LOCK CONTROL RELAY Pin N4 (via BC2 Connector Pin 14, after BC2 to the Pin 4 the color of the wire is Pink).

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  5. I am building my 97 sc300 with the 2jzvvti motor and tranny automatic 4 speed.Question: I was thinking of a boost cut how much more horse power do u think its going to have or can i go up to on stock twin turbos if i do the boost cut or any advice will help

    1. Hi Leo,

      Boost cut is usually cutting in around 16psi or so, it’s not so much power but MAP (boost), if you have stock exhaust system and intake shouldn’t be an issue, but as soon as boost and mods build it can become a problem. 15psi is usually the sweet spot on a stock TT.

    1. Hi,

      I’m unsure of the year they were off, but most are from my JDM 98+ TT ECU, some may be off a different year model and as per my disclaimer it is possible that some could be incorrect wire colours or descriptions due to translation errors from the diagrams I used. I wired up a complete aftermarket ECU and all the wires I used were correct.

      1. 1st gear is pretty much unaffected at any RPM. I think it is because it spins through it so fast it cant build too much boost.

        If I stomp it in 2nd from a slow roll and boost builds, it will pull to about 5k and then start sputtering. I say sputtering, but it acts pretty much like a 2 step would. With a bit of surging.

        3rd and 4th behave like 2nd, but seem to hit the cut/surge sooner.

        I would just like to know if I am in fact hitting fuel cut, or if I have other issues I need to sort out. The CEL never lights, so I almost wonder if it is in fact fuel cut. Doesn’t the CEL always light when you hit fuel cut?

        1. Hi Elliot,

          Sorry for the late reply I’ve been away.

          I used to have the same issue with my TT, pretty much it was fuel cut with the same description you are describing. I didn’t always get the CEL light or remember getting the CEL light. I’d try a fuel cut defender or similar to see if the issue still occurs. What is your current boost at?

          Other issues could be fuel pressure, pump or similar.

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