Supra 2JZGTE VVTI Wiring Diagrams (97.8-02)

These diagrams also include non-vvti diagrams, please ensure you check the year of model at top of diagram.


Disclaimer – I don’t take any responsibility for these diagrams, these are referenced off 2 different diagrams I have of the 2JZGTE vvti and some are in Japanese, it is possible that some could be incorrect wire colours or descriptions due to translation errors. If you are unsure please trace wires or deal with an auto electrical professional.

6 thoughts on “Supra 2JZGTE VVTI Wiring Diagrams (97.8-02)

  1. Hey mate I need some help big time I have just done the same build you have the SZR-RZ conversion with the 2jzgte vvti engine that was taken out of a rz supra it is completely stock standard even ecu it’s the m22 toyota 2jzgte I think my cars in at the mechanics ATM my brother inlaws doing it for me we have had one slight problem the car starts but doesn’t run! It idles funny then dies.. It does this with both the maf sensor on and off what could this be we have found a unknown white plug witch has no home what plug is this and where does it go?

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