2jzgarage Website Update

Hi all, it’s been a while since a 2jzgarage website update!

My last active post or website update on 2jzgarage was well over 4 years ago and plenty has happened in this time both personally, professionally and within the car scene as a whole. I heard they made a new BMW Supra while I was away 🙂

I’ll start off by saying that I have every intention of keeping this website as a resource for the 1000’s of visitors every month who still rely on the content and information that is still obviously valuable to the 2jzgarage community. You’re continued use of this content is a major factor in ensuring I keep this website up and running and continue to look at ways I can contribute and provide value to you all. Even if it’s just a location for you to reference for 2jzgte vvti wiring diagrams or MKIV workshop manuals.

My focus over the last 4 years has been dedicated on 3 other businesses, which has not given me the time to spend on my hobbies such as my love of cars and providing fresh content for this website.

I’ve taken some time over the last few days to refresh the website with a new look and a made couple of tweaks to hopefully improve the performance of the site overall. I’ll be continuing to revising, reviewing, updating content and looking at some branding changes over the coming months. I’d also like to consider ways that the community can contribute to the content on the website.

If you have any ideas, comments or contribution that maybe valuable then feel free to drop a comment below and thanks for your continued support and interest in the 2JZ!

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