World First 8 Second A90 GR Toyota Supra 1/4 mile

It was only a matter of time before someone claimed the world first 8 second A90 GR Toyota Supra 1/4 mile.

No surprises that it was Titan Motorsports who are based over in Orlando Florida USA that claimed the record for their new A90 GR Toyota Supra which they’ve been developing for 14 months,

In conjunction with the BMW sourced B58, the modifications included a Pure 800 turbo kit, an upgraded downpipe, ethanol E85 fuel system and stronger drive shaft axles, nitrous along with a tune. The Supra is putting out 861hp (642kw) of power and 773ft/lb (1048Nm) of torque.

After a shakedown run the GR Supra’s very first eight-second pass was an 8.941 at 154mph (248pkh). Then later on the record was broken again with an 8.930 at 152mph (245kph) pass. The best trap speed for all of the runs was 155mph (249kph).

A big congratulations to the team over at Titan Motorsports.

Driving with a GoPro inside a Toyota Supra intake manifold

Matt from the Warped Perception YouTube channel has uploaded a video where he has rigged up a GoPro inside a Toyota Supra intake manifold and taken his car for a drive.

I thought it was a pretty cool video and demonstration of what was occurring inside the manifold while he was driving around and also giving it a few hits on full throttle under boost in the Supra.

Toyota Supra Manual Gearbox and GRMN Version Reported

Toyota Supra GR 3000GT Concept

Mag X Japan have reported that there are rumors that the Toyota Supra will come with a manual gearbox and a limited run GRMN version for the new Supra.

Who knows if the GRMN supra will look anything like the GR 3000GT Supra pictured above, but hopefully it has aggressive styling and has ties back to the original TRD 3000GT Supra.

According to Mag X, Toyota noticed the number of people asking for a manual gearbox and that the desire was apparently enough to sway members of the development team to consider introducing a three-pedal setup to the Supra.

Unfortunately there is no official word from Toyota about the manual option or any plans for which year model Toyota Supra would receive it, I would expect it not until at least 2022 if Toyota did decide to release it.

The latest rumors regarding the GRMN Supra are that it may gain the twin-turbo inline six from the upcoming BMW G80 M3 and M4. This could mean an power output of around 510hp (380kw) if Toyota can get their hands on the new S58 engine from BMW.

2jzgarage Website Update

Hi all, it’s been a while since a 2jzgarage website update!

My last active post or website update on 2jzgarage was well over 4 years ago and plenty has happened in this time both personally, professionally and within the car scene as a whole. I heard they made a new BMW Supra while I was away 🙂

I’ll start off by saying that I have every intention of keeping this website as a resource for the 1000’s of visitors every month who still rely on the content and information that is still obviously valuable to the 2jzgarage community. You’re continued use of this content is a major factor in ensuring I keep this website up and running and continue to look at ways I can contribute and provide value to you all. Even if it’s just a location for you to reference for 2jzgte vvti wiring diagrams or MKIV workshop manuals.

My focus over the last 4 years has been dedicated on 3 other businesses, which has not given me the time to spend on my hobbies such as my love of cars and providing fresh content for this website.

I’ve taken some time over the last few days to refresh the website with a new look and a made couple of tweaks to hopefully improve the performance of the site overall. I’ll be continuing to revising, reviewing, updating content and looking at some branding changes over the coming months. I’d also like to consider ways that the community can contribute to the content on the website.

If you have any ideas, comments or contribution that maybe valuable then feel free to drop a comment below and thanks for your continued support and interest in the 2JZ!

EKanoo Pro Import GT86 2JZ US 1/4 Record

It seems EKanoo and the team have been at it again, this time taking their Pro Import GT86 over to the US to see what they can run.

Gary White ran it down the Michigan 1/4 mile at – 5.891 @ 388kph (241mph), breaking the US import record. Although not breaking their previous 5.77 @ 399kph (248mph) world record it’s a pretty impressive feat after a few runs.

Congratulations to the EKanoo Racing team! It will be interesting to see where this car and it’s development go from here.