2JZGTE VVTi Aftermarket Support

There isn’t too much different between the 2JZGTE VVTi and 2JZGTE non-vvti but  there are some parts that are different and things you need to check before modifying, upgrading or starting a new project. Below are some parts and vendors that are compatiable or make parts specifically for the 2JZGTE VVTi for aftermarket support.

Check out my other post regarding 2JZGTE VVTi engines for any more specifc information about the engine – http://www.2jzgarage.com/2012/02/2jzgte-vvti-information/

Aftermarket ECU’s

Things to look for when buying an aftermarket ECU

  • Controliing VVTi functionality/support
  • FBW (Fly by wire) Electronic Throttle Control
  • Using Traction control/ABS system
  • Wasted Spark Ignition
  • Finding a tuner!

One workaround for the FBW system is to not use it at all, one option is to use a non-vvti or aftermarket throttle body to and to also use a non-vvti IACV (Idle Air Control Valve), this means there is no FBW requirement or complexity.

ECU’s known to have support – Note some of these vendors may not have full support of factory functions.

Aftermarket Cams

Support for aftermarket cams used to mean expensive HKS and valcon controller kits, but now there are more options

5 thoughts on “2JZGTE VVTi Aftermarket Support

    1. Hi,

      Yes it will but keep in mind the following;

      You will need to use an aftermarket ECU unless you can somehow use the stock throttle body, TPS, ETCS system with the intake manifold – will depend on intake manifold design and room/both patterns.
      If you use an aftermarket ECU you will require an IACV + TPS – I used a non-vvti 2JZGTE IACV and stock VVTi TPS on my Hypertune intake manifold + throttle body.

  1. Dustin,

    Adaptronic are another ECU manufacture with ECUs capable of controlling the VVT-i.

    e420c, e420d, e440 and e1280s are all capable of controlling the VVT-i.
    There is a “Drive by wire” board for the e1280s, but I don’t personally know of anyone using this to control the ETCS-i on a VVTi 2JZ-GTE.


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