3 thoughts on “MISS2J 1000HP+ Dyno Runs

  1. Hi,Sorry for the abrupt intro..
    I drive a Toyota Verossa VR25(rare model car from Japan with a 1jzgte VVTI,hopefully you guys know this car)
    I want to do a swap with a 2jzgte VVTI,but i’m new at this..
    I have seen the pinouts from the 2jzgte VVTI(from a Aristo) and they are exactly the same as the 1jzgte VVTI ecu,will it be plug in play or do I need to wiring ? Could anyone help me or give me some advise?

    1. Hi Michael,

      Sorry I’m not too familiar with the differences with the 1JZGTE VVTi and 2JZGTE VVTi in the ECU/Wiring department but I’d imagine as long as the loom and wiring on the new engine match (2JZGTE VVTi has the ECU and loom) then all you would require is to ensure the body loom wiring matches from the engine harness. You wouldn’t be able to use the 1JZGTE VVTi ECU with the 2JZGTE VVTi engine.

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