New Videos Added!

A heap of new videos added to 2JZGarage 🙂

These are off my youtube channel over the last few years, plenty more to come!

2 thoughts on “New Videos Added!

  1. everybody,
    what is the difference between the 2JZGTE GTTE and the 2JZGTE VTTI?
    i know the gearbox is different but is the a change in the engine?
    i am busy to put everything on paper for a nice project with a Nissan S14 with a 2JZGTE engine of the Supra.
    please gif me some information !

    kind regards from Jeff from Holland

    1. Hi Jeff,

      There are 2 engines in the GTE range;

      2JZGTE non-vvti and 2JZGTE VVTi
      Sometimes they are mis-quoted as GTTE – This is incorrect – even though logically it would make sense!
      There are multiple changes and I have lots of information on this page –
      Yes the gearbox is different from 97.8+. It’s gone from a v160 to a v161 – no major differences except in ratios.

      Your project sounds fun, great combo. I can’t everything you need to know but I’d first start off with reading some of the articles on my website,,,, and

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