2JZGTE VVTi T51R Project Update

So been a bit of progress complete on the car over the last month or so;
Installed the following;

  • Okada Plasma booster (Same as HKS DLI)
  • Carbonetic triple plate clutch and flywheel assembly
  • TRD transmission mounts
  • AP Shifter bushings
  • New OEM components – 6 speed shifter and speed sensor seals, pilot bearing and rear main seal
  • Fixed up some wiring and ran some new hose ready for BOV install
  • Cleaned all the transmission, parts that came off and also the transmission tunnel
  • Replaced diff fluid while I had car jacked up

Have new Tial Q bov and AEM air filter coming in next few weeks, so will be then installed and off with fresh plugs with no gap for a new tune and more boost! Hoping to crack at least 430rwkw on pump

Had to adjust the clutch a bit on the pedal free play rod but seems to hold the power well and the shifts are now very firm and precise.

Gearbox removed and noticed it had bit of an oil leak from shifter bushing so got around to replacing seals (Pics with brake/clutch fluid )

Old flywheel and clutch removed – bit of meat left on it – flywheel can be rebuild/machined so will probably put it for sale

Stock shifter fork removed, popped out old bushings with sockets and vice (can see they are worn) then replaced with AP solid items

TRD transmission mount installed – certainly worth while looking at what the leaking shifter seal did to the old one!

Rear main seal and pilot bearing removed and replaced while I was there

Clutch parts installed on gearbox, flywheel installed and finally clutch mounted

All in one piece again

2 thoughts on “2JZGTE VVTi T51R Project Update

  1. Thanks Daniel,

    Sounds like a fun project you have 🙂

    It’s a genuine Hypertune plenum and not vvti specific. I had to purchase a non-vvti IACV to fit for idle control as vvti uses the iETCS. I used the stock TPS sensor off the standard plenum on the Hypertune 90mm throttle body. You will also need an alterantive throttle cable, I used a celica GT4 cable. Other than that there is no real difference to the non-vvti, maybe just a coolant line to block where it goes to the iETCS unit, but the non-vvti has the same issue, but the coolant lines go to the IACV unit anyway, I blocked mine as I don’t expect sub-zero conditions freezing it up at all.

    You will also have genric things to do such as figuring out vacuum lines, powersteering line/pump fitting modification, diagnostic plug mounting, dip stick mounting and also some people have had to extend some of the wire harness, I had to modify mine anyway and by doing so used different covering which meant I didn’t have to extend them.

    I personally wouldn’t recommend the ebay jobs, but if you do have someone check it out and ensure it’s got good clean welds, flat service to head and some others at least using it to see what they say about it.

  2. Great build! I’m currently doing a manual conversion and big single upgrade on an 01 rz-s – so this is a huge help.

    Is that a Hypertune plenum or Ebay spec? I only ask as I’m looking at the Ebay thing – don’t really have 3k to throw at the real thing:( Is the plenum vvti specific, or is there no difference in it on the intake side of things?

    Any info you can offer would be a massive help.

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