IS300 2JZGTE VVTi Swap Manual

After reponding to a question on here I figured it made sense to host a link of this IS300 2JZGTE VVTi swap manual. Although I didn’t do the swap personally or own an IS300 I think it’s a great swap write up that applies to most late model 2JZGTE VVTi swaps and engine swaps in general.

The document also contains information I have provided over the years on supraforums and has pictures I have provided.

IS300 2JZGTE VVTi Swap Manual Download – IS300 2jz-gte Swap Manual

A big thanks to Indirocz28 from

As a side note please don’t reference the pinouts in the manual, if the author ever updates the word document with my new pinouts I will re-upload.

***UPDATE – IS300 ECU pinouts can be found here – and IS300 Wiring Diagrams can be found here –

You can also still use the ones I have posted here for the 2jzgte vvti.

9 thoughts on “IS300 2JZGTE VVTi Swap Manual

  1. My question is cant i just leavethe is300 ecu in place and have the aristo piggy back of the is ecu or visversa so that way i can try to retain as much dash and ac functions as possible

    1. Hi,

      I’m not sure if you could use the Aristo ECU as a piggyback, I’m sure it’s possible but would require a lot of cross reference of diagrams and custom wiring.

      To be honest as long as the Aristo ECU doesn’t have the key immobiliser lock then it would probably be easier to use the Aristo ECU and modify the body loom connectors. It really depends on the year model of the IS300 as to the differences between body loom wiring harnesses. I’m fairly sure from 2001+ IS300’s the body loom will need to be re-wired/pinned from the aristo loom to the IS300 loom. The other option is keep the IS300 ecu and use an aftermarket piggyback. There is some really good forums posts on forums.

  2. do you have a factory ecu pin out for the is300.
    the aristo pin out is help full, but I need the pin out for a 2001 is300, then I can cross reference the 2 diagrams and repin the factory body harness to work with the aristo ecu and engine harness.

    1. I’m personally not familiar with the IS300 drivetrain and if there are direct fit options but I’d recommend reading PG 20 of the attached swap manual which has information on setting up R154 gearbox with IS300. Another option would be the Getrag V160 or V161 gearbox from the supra. Probably need custom driveshafts, custom shifter assembly, flywheel, clutch, master and slave cylinder for any of the gearboxes used.

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