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I thought I’d start a page with pictures of anything VVTi related such as engines and parts for people to reference.I will update whenever I have any further pictures. Thanks to the various resources for taking some of these pictures.

If anyone has any they would like to share please contact me using the contact form below

2JZ VVTi Engines

Some more pictures below;

7 thoughts on “VVTi Pictures

  1. may be a dumb question . but I bought a vvti engine for my supra. and a single turbo kit. also have an aem v2. now do I need anything other than the aem uego wideband to monitor afr?? do I need to have the factory 02 sensor installed in the dp somewhere for the aemv2 to work proprtly. also can this motor be tuned on map only and delete the maf sensor completely and insall the non vvvti iacv and weld the throtle cable or get an aftermarket tb.

    1. Hi,

      o2 Sensor – Use the narrow band sensor in the DP – this will be still used in your tune, but the aem wideband sensor will monitor the afr’s and accurately read the mixtures.

      MAP sensor – Yes you can remove the maf sensor and use the map sensor for tuning

      non VVTi iacv – Yes you can install the non-vvti iacv on an aftermarket or non-vvti plenum and T/B.

  2. hi there !!! im looking for a crank trigger wheel for the 1jz,2jz vvti engine (36-2 teeth ) .. please inform me if you have one ,,or where can i find it .. thank u for your time

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