LS2 LQ9 Coil Installation

UPDATE – 420kw @ 24.5psi, big thanks to Rick @ Mojo performance and Glen @ ESP Racing Queanbeyan, dyno sheets listed below. This made another 30rwkw+ (40rwhp+) on very similar boost.

UPDATE 2 – Thanks to Steve at Torque Toyota for the attached diagram below of the 2JZGTE VVTi ignition wiring to match the Mojo kit.


UPDATE 3 – The car has since made 486kw @ 24.5psi on e85.


After many months of troubleshooting my ignition issues as seen in this post HERE I finally came to the realisation that the stock igniter setup wasn’t going to work with my requirements. I didn’t want any complicated aftermarket igniter or alternative solutions so I did some further research and came across the LS2 LQ9 kit from Mojo Performance. After reading some great reviews on supraforums –  I ended up purchasing them.

Rick from Mojo Performance was great to deal with, gave plenty of support and info and was very responsive via email considering the time differences between Australia and the US! In short it is a great bit of kit, easy to install, clear instructions and they resolved my ignition issues and I no longer have any break up of ignition on the road, although I’m yet to get back to the dyno and push it to it’s limits, this is where I used to get the worst issues.

Below is some basic installation steps on the kit for my 2JZGTE VVTi, I haven’t gone into the wiring too much as the diagrams are provided and will vary depending on your setup and aftermarket ECU, but there is the diagram above (See – UPDATE 2) to assist for stock setups . For those wanting to run the coils on the stock ECU you will need to purchase an additional module to generate an IGF signal for it to work correctly. The kit is available for 2JZGE and 2JZGTE non-vvti and vvti.

Some specific notes to my installation – I used the stock igniter wiring by cutting off the existing stock connector and soldering loom, I used the stock noise filter, I hid it away down near the front shock tower. The coils were wired in wasted spark, 3x ViPEC V88 ECU outputs used to drive them, this is possible as each coil has an igniter, but as always please refer to your specific ECU setup and wiring requirements. Currently running 3.5ms dwell.

This is the what is provided in the kit, all required hardware, quality wiring looms and instructions with wiring diagrams

Top pictured wiring loom is directly wired (Ensure you solder or use solid connections) goes to ECU wiring, the other end plugs to other loom. The bottom pictured wiring loom plugs directly to the 6x coils and then finally to the other loom.

3x brackets included with bolts and washers

Reverse side of brackets

This isn’t an issue with the mount, it’s done for the vvti brackets to clear the casting design of the vvti head for the very front bracket

6x coils in total with 2jz boots

You can see the in-built igniter with the 4 pin connector

Start by removing the coil cover with 10mm allen bolts, disconnect the coil connectors, remove the stock coils and mounting hardware, I’d also recommend removing the breather hoses between the head for more working room

Should look something like this

Disconnect your igniter harness and cut off the harness connector at least a few inches down the loom, alternatively you could bridge the connectors. Also ensure if possible to keep the stock noise filter connected

Individually install the coils to the spark plugs

Coils should face this way

Just to make sure you get the idea!

Now install the brackets over the coils, if you have the vvti bracket ensure it’s the first bracket for cyl 1+2

Closer view of it installed (Cyl 1+2)

Closer view of it installed (Cyl 3+4 and 5+6)

Install the wiring loom and ensure you refer to the wiring diagram that is applicable for your setup based on front or rear loom exit

I went rear exit for a cleaner wiring job, more room out the back of cam covers also

I connected my earth lug to the bracket bolt as it is a solid earth, try not to connect to the cam covers as they seem to have a higher resistance

I cut the exiting stock coil loom and taped it off

Coils and loom all installed, soldered wiring loom to igniter wires as required

All installed and wouldn’t know it wasn’t stock, apart from lack of igniter, and loom I haven’t hidden in top right corner.

Dyno results on 24.5psi, 420rwkw (564rwhp)




18 thoughts on “LS2 LQ9 Coil Installation

  1. Hi found this info thrue searching about vvti coil issues.Ordered lq9 coils yesterday:) Im from Norway so Im not familiar with all of the english language.Whats the noice filter I should keep when I connect the lq9s? One other question is that I can see you have a vvti single turboe and I wonder what you did with vvti settings? I ask because I tested my hybrid twins in seq and ttc and lost a lot of power in ttc.Only thing I can think of causing this is that the factory vvti inlet setting dont suit single turboe well. The inlet cam was at 0 after about 4000 rpm and I think 0 will be – 15 degrees(from what I read) Im going to the dyno again after coil install to adjust the inlet cam to +15 all the way to 6000 rpm.

    1. Im interested to find some info on the vvti tuning.

      I’m running vipec v88 and single turbo had it tuned but i think my tuner didn’t do a good job with the vvti .

      I want to understand more about the operation and what certain settings do.

      I run e85 also and currently with 24 psi with the gtx3076 i make 406rwkw

      I just put in some mild tomei cams 260/252 and havnt got it tuned yet.

      1. Interested in how your tuning went with the 260/252 and VVTi. That is such a nice responsive setup and great power out of the gtx3076. If I ever went back to a street setup that is something I think I would move to.

        As long as the tuner has advanced those cams through the low-mid range you should see some nice benefits.

    2. Hi,

      The noise filter would be used to suppress and help filter the electrical noise out of your circuits (RF noise also), I’d keep it there if your supra has one. If you don’t have a noise filter capacitor then you can purchase a 1.0 uf capacitor connected between the coils 12v power supply and ground.

      I leave the VVTi settings up to my tuner, since I’ve upgraded my VVTi cams then the settings have changed again. But to give you an ideal of the tuning method for a stock cams single turbo setup;

      1500-4500rpm – 25 degrees advance working down to 8 degrees, then VVTi back to fully retard (0) after 5000rpm. Also this is adjusted for throttle percentage, an example would be at 3000rpm and 50% throttle you may retard it another few degrees compared to 100% throttle. You will not see a lot of benefit advancing the stock cams past 6000rpm. My 272’s are now advanced all the way to redline.

      The default settings in the VVTi with the stock ECU wouldn’t work very well, but with an aftermarket ECU you will have considerable gains with low-mid range using VVTi. Also the stock turbos in TTC weren’t too bad on my old setup, but that is on a manual, if you have an auto TTC will be very laggy.

      Also sorry on the very, very late replies – Any previously approved commenter’s are automatically approved and I only see the notification via email that I hadn’t had setup in my primary inbox.

  2. Hi Mate,
    I have the LS2 LQ9 kit on the way for our time attack car and was hoping you could confirm the connections for us. I can see the DH61 Igniter wires are identical to ours.
    Green C1
    Black/White +B
    (not used) TAC
    Red/White T1
    Light Green T2
    Pink T3
    Red/Yellow IGF
    Brown GND
    Yellow C3
    Blue/Yellow C2
    Noise Supressor – Black/White and Brown.
    I have read your post and the Mojo Performance instructions and I am fairly comfortable with the hook up but if you could confirm your setup I will be much more confident.
    We ae running Munro Hi-Flows, Power House Racing Stage 3 fuel system, Kelford Cams and Haltech PS2000 (not that it makes any difference, just for you your info).
    Steve Mc.

    1. Hey Steve,

      I can confirm they are the same igniter wire colours that I used.

      The 2 mojo red wires for the 12v+ I bridged with Black/White +B
      The 2 mojo grey wires for the ECU Sensor Ground were bridged to the Brown GND
      The 2 mojo black wires with ring lug was mounted to the back coil bracket and bolt

      The rest of it was matched to the appropriate coil wire as explained in the Mojo instructions. Hopefully this confirms things for you 🙂 But as always double/triple check. Also if possible with your Haltech use an ignition test through the ECU.

      Sounds like a great setup, let me know how it all goes.

  3. Im Doing similar with my vipec.
    Im using bosch pencil coils as used on Audi VW using modififed coil mounting bracklets from BPP
    I also orderd two ignition wiring looms off and audi that Ill make into my coil wiring harness.

    I’m driving the coils using all 6 ignition channels.

    Ill be bridging the wires like you at the igniter connector that Ill hide.

    part number for coils is 0 986 221 023

    got the idea from ray hall

  4. Great info. Thanks for the write up. I’m in the process of placing an order for my long, long build. It would be great to see what you manage with a new tune:)

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