Top Secret Toyota Supra on the Nürburgring

Misha Charoudin has uploaded his latest Nürburgring passenger ride along in the Top Secret Toyota Supra.

Owner Jörgen takes Misha around for a lap at the ring in some fairly challenging wet conditions for the 2JZ JDM legend. Obviously the owner is very keen to preserve and enjoy the experience, so don’t expect a full send lap this time around!

This isn’t the legendary Top Secret V12 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra that Smokey Nagata built to attempt the 400kph+ run back in the late 90’s (He managed 358kph at Nardo). The V12 car is now owned by the guys at Trap Team in the USA and footage of this car is available from TRC on YouTube.

If you do have any details about the remaining Top Secret Supra’s (RB26 or GT300 cars) then either please get in touch here in the comments or with Misha Charoudin on his YouTube channel or Instagram so the owners can try and organise a meet up.

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