Cooma 1000m 2013

November 9th 2013  was the 2nd running of the Snowy Mountains 1000m event – This event is to see who is the fastest (and has the highest top speed) from a standing start over a 1000m (1km) airport runway in an regional Australian town (Cooma, NSW). No race fuels, no nitrous, and only on street radial tyres.


Last year I still had some ignition issues, the track wasn’t very well prepared with lots of loose gravel (country Australia runway!), along with the 30kph head wind not in our favour. This year the event was a lot better as the car had no ignition issues, but I didn’t have time for a full tune and I had boost issues where the car wouldn’t come on to boost until 6500rpm+. The track was a lot better prepared and had 100m of hotmix bitumen, also there was no major head wind like last year.

The lead up wasn’t too good for me as cams weren’t dialled in and I had a coil die on me as I got my tune from not my usual tuner. But in the end I made it to the event with a big thanks to GameOn Motorsports supplying me with a LQ9 coil last minute!

Best run of the day was 23.07 @ 212kph (131.7mph) – (missed 5th gear), so close to a sub 23sec time but not this year, the rest of my runs were all low 23 seconds and all above 240kph+ (149mph+), with a best of 243.5kph (151.3mph), so all consistent and also a full 1sec+ improvement on last year. Also 20th overall top speed between race and street cars. It was a shame I had boost issues as similar supras were running up to 1 second quicker. The only other issue apart from late boost was a broken fan shroud, most likely due to the air getting under the hood at high speed, plus the additional pressure of me leaning on it the week before with the camshaft installation.

Before this years event I will be fixing the current boost issue, then running a smaller turbo to reduce lag (GTX4088r), along with some aero mods and hopefully E85 with sticky tires, the stock hood and a new air intake design will be created too.

Willall Racing managed a 17.27 @ 299.9kph (186.3mph) in the R35 GTR and GameOn Motorsports managed a 19.58 @ 308.1kph (191.4mph) with the top speed of the day. The 2JZ proved to be the highest kph car for the day along with 6 Supra’s in the top 18 (mine 31st overall and 25th overall for street cars).

Some great cars were there, with the only Pagani Zonda in Australia (C12S), Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2, Corvette Z06 ZR1 (Rare in Australia), modified Ford GT40, mild to crazy GTR’s, an insane Jeep Grand Cherokee, new HSV Clubsport R8 VF’s and a whole host of other cars, and let’s not forget the supra’s, probably the only place in the world where you will find so many moonstone and quicksilver late model JDM supra’s.

A huge thanks goes to the organisers, sponsors and competitors as it was a great day out with some amazing cars and drivers. Looking forward to cracking 260+ next year with the new setup, the highlights were James 308.1 kph (191.4mph) run and also the run with the Zonda C12S on the way home, all under the legal speed limit 🙂

Some pictures and videos below.

All my onboard runs;


Run home with Zonda


Friend’s EVO 8 launch


GameOn Motorsports (308.1kph – 191.4mph)


Arial views for UAV


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